She’s fluffy, she’s friendly, and now she’s on the interwebs.

Josie O attracts a lot of attention on walks, because she’s little, fluffy, and adores people. So I decided she should have her own webpage, with a lot of info about Chihuahuas in general. Many people have no idea what Josie is when they meet her (Pomeranian and Papillon are common guesses), and Josie O wants folks to know that Chihuahuas can be quiet, friendly little pooches that can do everything a big dog does, except tear your stalker limb from limb or accompany you snowshoeing. (Well, unless you carry her. Then it’s easy.)

Keep an eye on this site. When we get going, the information and photos are going to FLY.


2 thoughts on “She’s fluffy, she’s friendly, and now she’s on the interwebs.

  1. Hi! I met your wonderful Josie tonight at Walgreens here in Key Largo. I have been enjoying your extremely informative and very fun website and know that I want to get a little JosieO of my own! Her expressions, mannerisms and absolute cuteness are obvious. However, her wet wonderful kisses are what GOT me! I am so glad I had a broken nail and had to stop at Walgreens tonight! Everything happens for a reason though, right? Thank you and Josie for being at the right place at the right time! God bless you and have a great vacation!

    Streamwood, IL

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