Fluffy, and also wuffy.

Josie O wasn’t always keen on brushing. When she had her puppy coat (thin and cottony), she preferred the Li’l Pals slicker brush with widely spaced, rubber-tipped wires that didn’t feel prickly on her skin. When she got her adult coat, those rubber tips started to pull on all that hair, so with more fur to protect her skin, I switched to a fine wire slicker brush with no tips – the JW Pet GripSoft slicker brush. Musette la Plume, my cat,  has the same brush and loves it.


Give me that windblown look, please.

I feel pretty.


Time to play now.

The first brush she would tolerate.

Josie’s adult brush. Both my pets have the cat version, but I’ve linked this photo to the dog one.

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