Josie O loves all her family members, including the cat.


Josie O  sleeps in a bed in the corner of our bedroom, because otherwise she sits in the bay window downstairs and barks at imaginary things during the night. Musette, our cat, is shut out of the bedroom, because she can jump on the bed and wake us up.

Every morning, Josie sits beside the bed in silence, waiting for us to wake up. Eventually Joe leans down and brings her into the bed, where she romps around licking us. But after her big greeting, she goes to the edge of the bed and asks to get down. Once on the floor, she runs to the door, because our cat Musette is waiting just outside, and Josie wants us to let her in. She and Musette greet each other, and Josie goes back to her bed while we fuss over the cat. It’s very sweet.