What a good girl.

This morning, I gave Musette (cat) her breakfast and then went to the front door, where Josie is usually waiting to go out. Instead, I could see her standing in the living room, but I only had a partial view. “Josie, do you want to go outside?”

She didn’t move.

So I went in there, and she’s standing very still, looking down at the motherload of yummy, yummy cat vomit (from the previous night). But she’s not eating it, because she’s been told not to over and over again. What a good girl.

I cleaned it up and gave her a treat.

Josie and the Deer

The first time Josie encountered deer in our tiny yard, there were three of them, including a young buck. She rushed up and started yelling at them, and they turned to flee for just an instant before the buck turned back with a look that said, “I bet I could stomp you into mush.” At which point I called Josie rather urgently, and she came in. Since then, I’ve told her not to bother deer, and it’s worked well, as the following illustrates.

Josie and Joe went out in the yard the other day, and there was a big doe standing right there, ten or twelve feet away. Joe very gently said, “See the deer, Josie?” Josie looked where he pointed, then started craning her neck from side to side, like, “What are you pointing at? Is there something behind the deer?”

Josie O at the Longmont Little Doggies Meetup

About once a month, a whole bunch of very small dogs (and their owners) get together for a Meetup. It helps our pups be more tolerant of other dogs. See, most toy breeds are really all about the people. As far as they’re concerned, other dogs aren’t to play with, they’re just competition for the humans’ attention. (Photos by Michaela O’Brien. The first one might be by Doris Cheung.)






Josie O shows off her “jump on Mom’s back” trick, while the Yorkies look on in astonishment.


“That Pomeranian is looking at me funny.”


“But I don’t want to wear the sombrero!”


Just had a bath.