Josie O’Buppy is a spayed, long-haired Chihuahua from Classical Chihuahuas, in Canon City, Colorado. She was born October 30, 2012. Her father is MG’s Classical Tonka’s Tuff Act to Follow (aka Moses).

Josie’s pop on the pedestal. Nancy Williams at center, Michelle Short on right. Together, they are Classical Chihuahuas.

Moses is the #13 Bronze long-haired champion in the U.S. Josie’s mother is Hattie. Hattie is co-owner Nancy William’s dog. They can’t track down Hattie’s father for AKC papering purposes, so Josie was born to a litter that can’t be shown. She was one of five. They were all healthy, and Josie sees her sister Gracie occasionally.

Josie O lives with Esri and Angel Joe, and Musette la Plume, a cat three times her size. Boulder, Colorado is their home. 


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