Josie in Paradise

Josie enjoys Key West, especially in winter.


Flaming Chihuahua! (not really)




The flaming hoop was made from a Styrofoam wreath base and flame-patterned fabric, both purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics. I cut the fabric into strips (reserving some for the separate flames) and wrapped it around the wreath, then secured it with straight pins. Cutting the individual flames out was a little tedious, but worth it. The hoop was part of our family Halloween costume. Afterwards, we bought a PDF on Etsy on how to make an agility course for your dog out of PVC pipes, and Joe integrated the hoop into that.

I took this photo with my Samsung Galaxy 5 on a tripod, using burst shot, iso 800. Told her to “sit” in front of the hoop, then “wait,” then “hoop!”

Bonus people

Josie considers anyone who visits the house a bonus person. It’s like getting a free restaurant dessert on your birthday, if it were a whole cake. “Bonus people!” So exciting.

Kristen and Shasta stopped by this evening.  They are two of Josie’s favorite bonus people. After Josie stopped being a wiggly blur,  Shasta got these two pix.


The face that launches a thousand “Awwww!”s.


Here I am nuzzling her back, and…what is that expression? Submission? Fury? The determination to get revenge on the dog who killed her sensei?

Thanks, Shasta!