Jake & Mojo go for a walk

(There are no pix of the walk, because my hands were busy with leashes.)


“Please love us.”

Took the boys out for a walk to see how they did. They’re very helpful and good with jackets and harnesses. No probs there. It’s about 40 degrees F out, with snow and wet everywhere. I figured Jake, who is supposed to have Jack Russell in him, would be more into walks, but he lagged behind while Mojo walked right at my side. Susan (Jake and Mojo’s owner, who has MS, is living on disability and staying where she can until she finds homes for the dogs) says Jake is often balky on walks with strangers (Josie is, too). I’m pretty sure Jake knows exactly what’s going on and is very worried. Mojo is all, “Are you my new person? I love you!” Desperate, desperate love.

We didn’t spot any dogs, so I didn’t get to see their reaction. Susan says Mojo is the one more likely to pitch a fit, but if she picks him up, he stops.  Jake responds pretty well to verbal commands, although he has a stubborn streak – especially when it comes to barking at Musette Kitty. He got a time out in the bathroom today for that. Poor Musette is terrified of them. I don’t know what smack talk they’re giving her, but it does the trick. They know I don’t like it, and sometimes they can control themselves, but it’s pretty boring being penned in the kitchen, and so gratifying when she runs.

Mojo, the deaf one, is learning my hand signals very quickly. I just know this is going to result in me giving exaggerated beckoning motions and thumbs up to Josie after they’re gone. I talked to Susan on the phone, and she uses hand signals, too. I’ll get a video of hers for the new people, assuming we find some. She says that when she signals for Mojo to come, he will actually shove Jake aside, running to get to her.

Josie and I took a nice long walk afterwards. She loves getting wet, because then I turn the hair dryer on her.

Still no accidents in the house, and except for barking at the cat or if someone comes to the door, Jake is practically mute. Mojo usually is, according to Susan, but since his situation is all out of whack, he’s insecure. He freaks out at shelters. He lost hair from stress and wouldn’t eat at the last one, and was declared unadoptable. They were about to put him down when Susan took him home, but he’ll have to go back if I can’t find a home for him. Still, a woman at one of the shelters said two weeks of advertising and word of mouth often does the trick, so here’s hoping.

Just spoke to Susan, and the docs gave her the infusions to do herself, so she can go back to the empty condo she’s borrowing (living on disability, she can no longer afford rent). She offered to take the boys back today, but I want to keep them another night. I want to see if Mojo cries again, and it’s so interesting, working with a deaf dog. Susan says she’ll be glad of a restful night. She can come for them tomorrow during daylight so we can video her hand signals. Then Musette Kitty can have her house back.

These dogs are in Boulder, Colorado. If you’re interested in adopting either or both, contact Susan Woodcock at (303) 253-4218 or suzuwoods@gmail.com.

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