Cues and signals – how many does your recognize?


"Did I hear you say... 'perambulation?'"

We don’t go many places without Josie and she’s no dunce, so she recognizes a lot of the signs that mean we’re taking her somewhere or going without her. (She is alert to the words “going” and “taking” in all tenses but past, as well as “walk,” said and spelled). Also, sentences that begin with,  “Should we” and “Do you want”. Here are some other cues.

Talking in a certain tone of voice while both of us are still,  especially after a period of inactivity. This is even if we avoid cue words.

Talking about the neighbor’s dog,  whom we often take on walks. 

Putting on: shoes, hats, sunglasses,  coats, make up, purse.

Doing anything with the bike or its accessories (she rides in the basket). Huge reaction.

This may be a lot, but we’re talking about a young dog and a companion breed to boot. She loves activity and is focused on us at all times.

What cues does your dog recognize, and what kind of dog is it?

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